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A ‘Friggin’ ‘Tangenius’ Scam

The sports columns are gushing and the blogs are orgasming and Jets fans are celebrating the ‘shalumping’ of the dysfunctional Arizona Cardinals yesterday, 56-35. So, what’s my beef? Glad you asked. Yeah, the Jets are now 2-2 and in the hunt. And, yeah, Brett Favre threw 6 TDs.

And, yeah, the game was a real ‘crowd-pleaser’ — but, where’s the fundamentally sound, smart, tough Jets team made up of low profile, interchangeable, Patriot-like players, the Tannenbaum/Mangini regime — ‘Tangenius’ — promise when they took over?

The team I saw, looks a hell of a lot more like some ungainly Frankenstein, composed of different body parts, roughly sewn together to form a grotesque whole. At best, they looked like an Arena League Football team, giving up almost as many points as they scored? Didn’t ‘Tangenius’ promise a smart, tough, run-oriented, ‘D’ dominated, championship team, built to last — in the tradition of Belichick’s pre-Randy Moss Patriots — via the draft and wise, low profile, free agent signings? What happened?

First, ‘Tangenius’ tried to force their 4-3 defensive personnel into a 3-4 defense, which didn’t work. So, they bought a bunch of high profile defensive free agents. Prior to which, they dumped the proven Pete Kendall because he wanted a million dollars — which resulted in the deterioration of their ‘O’ line — which resulted in them having to pay a high profile free agent, Alan Faneca, 35 million dollars instead of the one million Pete Kendall wanted. Do the math, for Chrissake!

And, are these new high profile guys the kind of solid, interchangeable types the Patriots built their team around? Hell no! You saw what happened when Jenkins went out with a bad back against San Diego. They couldn’t stop the run. What happens if Faneca goes down? Or Favre?

‘Tangenius’ pulled a “bait and switch” strictly for promotional purposes. They “baited” us with a proven Parcells/Belichick plan for success and “switched” to a Daniel Snyder proven plan for failure by trying to buy a championship with 140 million dollars worth of high profile free agents — contrary to what they promised — as if all they had to do was add water and pop them into a microwave.

But, okay, fine; at least they seemed to be building a smash mouth team that featured hard running, short, quick passing, no penalties, no turnovers and a punishing ‘D’ — very much like the old Patriots. But, then they go out and buy Brett Favre, the exact wrong guy for that kind of system.

So, now, in the media spotlight that a Brett Favre always brings, they’ve become a ‘shoot-out’ team that doesn’t run the ball very well and can’t stop anyone. Instead of balance, they now live and die on Brett Favre’s arm … who, by the way, probably won’t even be around next season. So, how exactly is ‘Tangenius’ building a smart, tough Patriot-like team of low profile, interchangeable parts, for the future?

Yeah, they won yesterday and yeah, they’ll probably win some more games and yeah I love Brett Favre — who doesn’t? But what’s ‘Tangenius’ building for the future? What happened to the team they promised? Who the hell are these guys, anyway? I’m telling you, man; it’s A Friggin’ ‘Tangenius’ scam!

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7 Responses to “A ‘Friggin’ ‘Tangenius’ Scam”

  1. billvv says:

    What ‘team’ did they promise you? And, you specifically or us generally? Sort of a ‘come watch our (insert promise) team.’ Or did they start out saying ‘I (insert name) promise you (insert blogger’s name)the following: (insert promise)?’ More likely you deluded yourself in the football-starved off-season that these acquisitions would show some ‘promise’ and now you blame them for only being two and two because they ‘promised.’

  2. Andrew Weiss says:

    Did you mean the kind of low-profile, interchangeable parts like Randy Moss and Wes Welker were? Who, exactly, is interchangeable with Randy Moss (and oh, by the way, who is making ten million a year ?)? How about a low-profile, cheap shot artist like Rodney Harrison? Is he the kind of guy you mean? If you’re so enraptured by BB’s style, I’d recommend a move to the New England area so you won’t be deprived of any precious moments of Patriots’ football.

    If Mangini and Tannenbaum decide to take the club in a certain direction, I fail to see how this act is some kind of breach of faith with you or any fan. Are they permited the prerogative of building a club without reference to your expectations, or moreover, without reference to some demi-God you think is pretty, for example a guy who was fired from his first coaching position after four miserable years and a 36-44 record? Mangini had one winning year and one losing year. now he’s 2-2. Exactly where is it written that now is the time to judge his performance?

  3. Dee says:

    I hate so-called fans like you, why cant you be happy with the way in which the jets are moving to improve themselves? yeah they’re not the best, but they are a hell of a lot better than last year. I swear everyone wants to make a blog but rarely has anything CONSTRUCTIVE to say….

  4. Joe says:

    I don’t agree entirely, but I see your point. I couldn’t care less if the Jets score 56 points. I really couldn’t. I mean, they won (which makes me happy) but the defensive performance in the second half was infuriating. And I understand they were winning by a lot, but how about showing some character, some swagger? Also, the Jets are not a fundamentally sound team. And I agree about Jenkins. Your defense should not entirely revolve around one player.

    Whatever, my thoughts…

  5. Boosta says:


    You’re an asshat if you can look and the young talent we have drafted and still ask what we are building for the future..

    Pete Kendall sucks compared to Faneca, he wasn’t worth the extra money.

    Woody and Company did not promise you anything but a good football team dedicated to playing hard and winning.

    Go root for another team if you can’t stand this one. Trust us, we won’t miss you.

    GO JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. billvv says:

    Joe, the Jets D is not fundamentally sound YET. They have the talent and the coaching to BE sound. So expect to see it at a stadium near you soon. These guys WANT to be as good as you want them to be, it just takes time. These things don’t come fully formed. The Jets are two and two and only hitting on two cylinders, the O’s passing and the D’s run stopping. Expect to see the other two cylinders after the bye. Then, watch out!

  7. TruJetFan says:

    I sort of agree. The Jets, while fun right now, look out of control and without a plan. They are not running the ball. Not sure why, but they are not. They won’t make the playoffs this way. And the defense has some great players, but they haven’t put the team thing together yet.

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