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Jets QB Josh McCown Getting No Love in Recent QB Rankings

It’s not a big secret that Jets QB Josh McCown is not going to be the QB of the future after the team went out and drafted Sam Darnold from USC this past Draft. For now though he’s not getting a lot of love from the website, which is ranking all 32 starting QB’s […]

Jets WR Terrelle Pryor Ranked 29th in Terms of Best 2nd WR Options in the NFL

While the Jets offense is a work in progress as the 2018 season gets closer, one player who is getting no love is that of new wide receiver Terrelle Pryor. Website says that Pryor, who came to the teams this offseason after a bad year with the Redskins, is ranked 29th when it comes […]

How Do the Jets Handle the Quarterback Position in 2018?

How the Jets will handle rookie Sam Darnold as well as the rest of the QB position will be the biggest question this summer around Jets camp. Today Rich Cimini of ESPN discussed how they will look at the situation, and how much of a true quarterback controversy there will be with the Jets in […]

Can the Jets Go From Worst to First in 2018? Pro Football Weekly Discusses Their Chances

There’s been plenty of buzz around the Jets since the NFL Draft nearly two weeks ago, as many think that the turnaround for the team will be swift, and not the long drawn out process that it’s taken for the team to start winning. Today Pro Football Weekly’s Eric Edholm put out an article ranking […]

Will the Jets Turn it Around in 2018? One Former Player Personnel Guy Feels They Are Close

The Jets are getting a lot of kudos for the way they handled a tough season, and the way the team played despite what many felt was going to be a season that could have seen the team win just 2-3 games. One person who for sure took notice is that of Gil Brandt, long […]

Video: CBS Sports – Will the Jets go 0-16?

Nick Kostos, Brady Quinn, and D.J. Williams break down if the Jets will go 0-16.

USA Today Doesn’t Give Much Hope to the Jets In Their 2017 Predictions

  Training camps around the NFL are set to open, and with it publications are already making their picks for the upcoming season, and that includes USA Today. The newspaper online today put out their picks, and have the Jets winning just one game in 2017, this coming off an offseason in which the team […]

What if the Jets Logo Was Made in the Likeness of President Elect Donald Trump?

Like it or not, next month Donald Trump will be the new President of the United States, and one thing that can’t be denied is it’s going to be an interesting four years in our country. There’s been plenty of fun poked at the President elect, and one site – Uproxx, has taken it upon […]