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Video: Jets Taking DE Quinnen Williams in Latest NFL Mock Draft

The NFL Draft is now 48 hours away, and in the latest video on ESPN, their latest Mock has the Jets going defense in in round one, taking Quinnen Williams.

The Jets Early Schedule Could Bode Well for a Chance at a Successful Season

With the release of the 2019 NFL schedule, there’s a lot of fever right now about how teams are going to do coming out of the gate, as well as what teams are going to surprise.

The New York Jets are one of those teams. Coming off an awful 2018, the team will enter 2019 with a new coach, a new feature back in Le’Veon Bell, and even new uniforms.

Right now most bookmakers seems to have the Jets winning between 6-9 games, and while that’s a lot of leeway, that also means there’s some folks that think this team is going to turn it around this season.

In looking at the first four games (that’s a quarter for all of you that are not math majors) of the 2019 season, the Jets have some chances not only to make an impact, but also to get off to a fast start that could stake them to a solid 2019 with second-year quarterback Adam Gase.

Let’s take a quick look at the first four games for the Jets, and what impact they might be able to make in the first month of the 2019 NFL season.

Sept. 8: vs. Buffalo

Adam Gase will know the Bills better than most just from his time last season with the Miami Dolphins, and the excitement of playing at home could (and should) help the Jets get off to a quick start. The Bills have an up-and-coming second-year QB as well in Josh Allen, so this could be a fun opener to take in at Met Life Stadium.

Sept. 16: vs. Cleveland

It seems like the Cleveland Browns, who two seasons ago didn’t win a game, are the darlings of the NFL this season, getting a ton of press and a number of prime-time games. They added one of the biggest names in the league in Odell Beckham Jr., and many think they will be the winners of the AFC North in 2019. Again playing at home the Jets have a shot to make an early statement.

Sept. 22: at New England

The Super Bowl champions usually play a clunker in the first month of the season, and for the Jets here’s hoping that the week three game will be that clunker. It’s never easy to play in New England, but if the Jets can hang in for at least the first three quarters and make plays in the fourth, you just never know.

Oct. 6: at Philadelphia

The Jets will head on the road in week four against the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that won the Super Bowl two years ago. The Eagles are an interesting team with QB Carson Wentz still trying to come back from a back injury, and again, the Jets might be able with some early success getting Bell going running the football to get off to a fast start, and again just being around in the fourth quarter could give this team the confidence to pull off a huge road win.

Check out the Complete 2019 New York Jets Schedule

The 2019 NFL Schedule is out – and Jets fans you can start to look at what trips you want to take and days off as well!

Here it is – the complete 2019 Jets slate!

Sept. 8 Buffalo Bills 1:00
Sept. 16 Cleveland Browns (Mon) 8:15
Sept. 22 at New England Patriots 1:00
Oct. 6 at Philadelphia Eagles 1:00
Oct. 13 Dallas Cowboys 4:25
Oct. 21 New England Patriots (Mon) 8:15
Oct. 27 at Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00
Nov. 3 at Miami Dolphins 1:00
Nov. 10 New York Giants 1:00
Nov. 17 at Washington Redskins 1:00
Nov. 24 Oakland Raiders 1:00
Dec. 1 at Cincinnati Bengals 1:00
Dec. 8 Miami Dolphins 1:00
Dec. 12 at Baltimore Ravens (Thu) 8:20
Dec. 22 Pittsburgh Steelers 1:00
Dec. 29 at Buffalo Bills 1:00

Jets Show Off Their New Look Uniforms – See What They Will Wear in 2019 and Beyond

Thursday night the Jets showed off for the first time their new look uni’s that they will start to wear in the 2019 season.

“It was time for a new uniform. It was time for a new Jets,” said CEO Christopher Johnson.

“And I think it’s extraordinary that given all this time it’s taken to get to this point, we are now as a team on the cusp of what I think is a new era. And it’s most appropriate that we’re going to start that era with a new uniform, a new look. I’m really excited about it.”

Jets ownership and executives collaborated with the NFL and Nike to identify three colors that will define the next generation of New York Jets football: Gotham Green, Spotlight White and Stealth Black.

In addition to the implementation of black into the overall color scheme, the Gotham Green was a shade developed exclusively for the Jets. The font will be edgy and unique, and the city that inspired it all — NEW YORK — will be stitched across the chest of each jersey.

“It’s a statement about the future. I think it’s a statement about how we want to be perceived as a little bolder, a little more innovative and a little greater,” Glat said. “I don’t want to interpret too much into uniforms and logos but we think that’s what we’re trying to capture and hopefully that gets reflected on the field.”

The Jets Are Spending Plenty in Free Agency Thus Far, Will it Pay Off?

The New York Jets so far have been one of the winners in the 2019 free agency signing period. They went all in last week, and minus one mishap with Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr, the team did a nice job filling some holes and making some waves.

Using a bonus from bet365 ny you can see that not many think the Jets, with new coach Adam Gase have done quite enough to make it as division champs or even a wild card team, but they have already made strides to being a better team.

General Manager Mike Maccagnan has been doing a lot to try and make this team better, which includes shedding the thought that they can not win in a division with the likes of the New England Patriots, but more has to be done.

Here is a list of a few of the Jets free agent pickups and what it will mean to them in 2019:

Le’Veon Bell, running back – The best running back in free agency, a game changer to the offense is he can stay healthy, and a player that due to sitting out last season has something to prove – add to that the fact the Jets got him cheaper than many thought he was going to demand, and it’s a win.

C.J. Mosley, linebacker – The Jets spent a pretty penny on Mosley, but it can be worth it if he can put up the big numbers that he did in Baltimore. The five-year, $85 million dollar contract is a risk for the Jets, but let’s be real, this is a premiere player who can be a huge asset to the teams’ defense, and if he plays as well as he did in Baltimore last season over the course of the five years, he’ll be worth it.

Jamison Crowder, wide receiver – Crowder is a solid player who can be a slot wide out that can make plays downfield for Sam Darnold. Last season wasn’t a good one for Crowder, 29 catches for 388 yards, both career lows, but those numbers should go back up this season as he’ll play motivated for the Jets in a good system in New York that should plays to his skills.

Josh Bellamy, wide receiver – Coming from the Bears the Jets didn’t have to pay a fortune for Bellamy, but again he might be motivated to prove his worth for his new team. He played only 298 offensive snaps in 2018, finishing with 14 catches for 117 yards and a touchdown, but again if he can prove his worth in Gase’s first training camp this summer, he should have a bigger impact for the Jets.

Despite Criticism Nationally, New Jets RB Le’Veon Bell Says He Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Not since Curtis Martin have the Jets had a running back that they can be as excited about as new free agency workhorse back Le’Veon Bell.

Bell’s arrival in New York means a complete shift at the running back spot, a position that has been an issue for the team for a long time, and checking weekly the Sugarhouse app you can see that the team has had issues gaining yards on the ground, rushing the ball to take control of games on a weekly basis.

That all should change in 2019 with the arrival of Bell, who a lot of people nationally are mocking because of the amount of money he did NOT get in his free agent deal, one that will pay him $52.5 million over the last four seasons.

Instead, Bell is happy to have the free agent process, the first he’s dealt with in his career, behind him, and he’s ready to have as big of an impact with his new team as he’s had the last six seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“In all reality, the Jets were the team that I had in the back of my mind, where I wanted to go,” Bell said on a Thursday conference call with the Jets media.

“So once the numbers made sense to me, it wasn’t really a hard decision. And I made the decision and I’m happy with the decision I made. [Thursday] I woke up feeling amazing, so I’m happy where I stand.”

Bell combined with second-year quarterback Sam Darnold should make for an interesting pair moving forward for the Jets, as they look to build an offense that can make some noise moving forward.

“That’s a part of it,” Bell said of his new young QB in Darnold.

“Seeing a guy like him, so young and so talented and knowing, maybe he needs another weapon — you never know what he can do with another weapon. He’s such a talented young guy. So he definitely was a valuable reason that I chose to come here.”

Bell has a lot to prove to people who were critical of the fact he sat out all of last season, forgoing a salary that would have paid him $14.5 million as he had the franchise tag placed on him by the Steelers.

He says that despite getting blasted by many, he would not have changed how he handled anything last season.

“The decision I made is the decision I would do all over again,” Bell said.

“I don’t regret anything that happened. Everything has happened for a reason up until this point. Who’s to say if I played last year, if I do go out and play one a one-year franchise tag, if I do get hurt, do I end up in this position today, being with the New York Jets on a beautiful deal?

“On the other side of it, if I go out there and play on the franchise tag and I get another 400 [touches] … and I come out of the season healthy, who’s to say what team is going to take me after another 400 [touches]? So, like I said, I’ve contemplated on everything I’ve done. … I don’t regret one thing. I’m happy where I’m at and the decision I made.”

Bell will get plenty of chances to prove his worth with the Jets, and if he can produce, many of those that are blasting him now will quickly go quiet once the 2019 season gets underway.

With Le’Veon Bell Aboard, the Jets Release RB Isaiah Crowell

The Jets already have their running back of the future on their roster with Wednesday’s signing of former Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell.

With Bell coming aboard with a four-year deal worth $52.5 million, there’s no doubt he will be the biggest play on fanduel in ny this upcoming season.

The team now has to cut some payroll with the signing of Bell, so on Thursday the franchise dumped running back Isaiah Crowell, one season after signing him.

The 26-year-old came to the team from the Cleveland Browns, and inked a three-year, $12 million contract with the Jets in March of last year.

In his one season with the Jets Crow rushed for 685 yards and six scores on 143 carries in 13 games.

It’s no surprise that the move was made today, as half of Crowell’s $4 million salary was set to become guaranteed on Friday, and the team will clear $4 million in cap space with the release.

The only season in New York for Crowell had its moments, as he broke the franchises record for rushing yards in a single game when he ran for 219 yards and a score in a 34-16 win against the Broncos on October 7th.

That was his biggest and best moment by far, as he never broke the 100-yard rushing mark in any of his final eight games in 2018.

Bell comes to the Jets as a two-time All-Pro and three-time Pro Bowl selection. In his final season with the Steelers in 2017 he led the league with 321 carries and 406 touches in 15 starts.

He sat out all of 2018 in a contract dispute, but got what he wanted from the Jets and agreed to a deal late Tuesday night to come to New York starting this upcoming season.

The Jets knew that Bell was going to get a majority of the carries, so it does not make that much sense to have two running backs on the roster that are making big money.

Instead, they are going to pay Bell a ton of money, and then hope that he stays healthy, a risk based on the history of Bell, but the Jets don’t have the luxury of paying a backup running back four million dollars to wear a hat on the sidelines and watch.

Crowell still has plenty of gas left in the tank, and it won’t be a shock when a team decides to take a flier on him and ink him to be a backup somewhere in the NFL in 2019.

Jets Get Their Man, Ink RB Le’Veon Bell to a Four-Year Deal

In a move that has been teased about for sometime finally became official on Wednesday, as former Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell has inked a deal to play for the Jets.

The deal is for four years, $52.5 million, which includes $35 million guaranteed, with a maximum value of close to $61 million, including incentives, a source said.

Bell, who has been training in South Florida, confirmed he would be joining the Jets in an Instagram post late Tuesday night, shortly after he released an album:

Bell’s presence gives second-year QB Sam Darnold one of the best running/catching threats in the game.

It remains to be seen how not playing in the league for a full year will effect Bell, but once camp roles around a lot of those questions should be answered.