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Video: Jets Victory Video

Savor the Jets victory over the Patriots one more time by watching this.

Jets Upset Patriots 28-21, Advance to AFC Championship Game

It’s official. The Jets took down Tom Brady and the Patriots 28-21, advancing to the AFC Championship Game where they will travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. Mark Sanchez was great, the defense was even better. Hats off to Rex Ryan for devising another great defensive gameplan. He outcoached Bill Belichick today no […]

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots Preview

After a week of talk and speculation, all that’s left is to play the game which the New York Jets and New England Patriots will do in a few hours. A Jets win and they advance to the AFC Championship Game for the second straight year. Heading up to gametime, here are some of my […]

How Can the Jets Beat the Pats

Chase Stuart of the Pro Football Reference Blog, recently wrote about how underdogs can defeat a favorite. In total he listed 7 strategies: (1) There is one real way to win the all-important possessions battle: control the ball at the end of each half. Combined with other possessions-minimizing techniques, you could end up with 9 […]