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2013 Jets Offseason Wish List

Shonn Greene vs the Chargers

By Jordan Aaron

So as I mentioned earlier, I wanted to make a wish list for this offseason with the Jets. This contains the players I would draft, sign and cut. I have some very radical ideas, but here it goes.

Who to drop/trade:

TRADE: Tim Tebow. At this point in time, it is almost certain that Tebow will be traded in the offseason. Now, speculation shows that the likelihood of a release is greater than the prospect of a trade. A trade, however, would be a win-win for everyone. Tebow could be traded to Jacksonville for good draft picks. In layman’s terms, it is like recycling. If we could get even a 7th round draft pick for him, it would be fantastic.

DROP: Shonn Greene. “Sanchez hands the ball off to Greene for no gain.” Well I heard that way too often this season. Greene is no more than an average running back. For a team that loves the ground and pound so much, maybe you should explore your free agent options. Peyton Hillis is going to be a free agent this year, and believe me; he isn’t enjoying being the second hand man to Jamaal Charles – especially after being a former Madden Cover Honoree. You could also pick up Reggie Bush. He is a solid, consistent running back who is available this offseason for pickup.

TRADE: Santonio Holmes – the biggest waste of money/crystal-drinking extraordinaire. While he is good, he is not what the Jets need. I like having Braylon Edwards on the team as a veteran, big guy. Now, we could use a consistent go-to receiver, such as free agents, Wes Welker, Danny Ammendola and Mike Wallace. Now, all these players are their team’s number ones, so the prices may be higher than the Jets may want. So, they could turn to the draft. They could draft a guy like the 6-4 Justin Hunter out of out of Tennessee. I know that he is shown to be a Dolphin’s pick in the mock draft, but we will see. You never know what gold you can get out of the later rounds – Tom Brady is an example.

DROP: Bart Scott. He is a fading star. It is time to put Demario Davis in the defensive scheme along side David Harris. The loudmouth linebacker would be over 8 million dollars next year. It is about time that the Jets and Scott “touched and went their separate ways.”

DON’T CHASE INTO FREE AGENCY: Number one; when someone who isn’t Adrian Peterson has an injury as serious as a torn ligament, especially in the knee, they are usually never the same player. Number two; I don’t want someone who holds out every other training camp on my team. Maybe it is time to let All-Pro cornerback Antonio Cromartie reign as the number one CB.

Honorable Mention à Mark Sanchez: He will be the Jets’ overpaid backup quarterback. While I want him on the next plane out of New York as much as the next guy, logic points out 8.25 million reasons why he won’t be tradable. This will also make him un-droppable. Even if they wanted to dump their former franchise quarterback, they would still have to pay 17 million dollars to cut him, ruining their salary cap. So congratulations, Mark. You have job security for two more years.

Who to draft (Rounds 1-3, no one has the time to go through the whole draft, I have free agency to talk about as well):

Round 1: Jonathan Cooper, OG out of North Carolina. The 310-pound lineman would be huge to our pathetic line that couldn’t hold a defender from the pocket if their lives depended on it. While everyone sits in the glory of their brand new quarterback, running back or receiver, we can have our tough offensive big man. The mock, however, suggests that the Jets would pick linebacker, Barkevious Mingo, out of LSU. Well, that would make me sad – seeing them waste a round 1 pick.

Round 2: I would like to pick up Giovani Bernard. He is a running back out of North Carolina who is what I call a “little big guy.” He is 5-10, but man can he play some tough football. For a ground and pound team like the Jets, he would be a perfect fit, but the mock draft shows him going to Cincinnati, but things change.

Round 3: Quinton Patton. He is a decent receiver out of Louisiana Tech. He looked like a pity prize when we watched him play against Johnny Football and Texas A&M, but he could be a solid third round pick for the Jets, who have numerous reviving problems.

May I note, that Mike Tannembaum probably won’t be doing this year’s drafting, so hopefully he has a better clue than many of the Jets’ past horrible drafting GM’s.

Finally, Free Agents to sign:

Danny Ammendola: He looks like a young Wes Welker. Not a giant when it comes to height, but he can return, get you yards after the catch, and you don’t have to throw long very often to get a first down out of him.
Jay Feely: Remember when we had a kicker who was consistent? His name was Jay Feely. When Nick Folk comes on the field, I get as nervous as I do when Sanchez throws the ball more than 5 yards.

Peyton Hillis: Hillis is a huge power back, which instead of being a route runner, is a wall breaker. He is the perfect back for the Jets ground and pound offense.

Reggie Bush: If I had to choose between Peyton Hillis and Reggie Bush, I’d have to choose Bush. He is an outstanding running back, who if given the right amount of touches could do a lot of damage. I’d love to see the Jets be able to give him 30 attempts and watch his yards rack up.

By the way, as known already, I want McElroy to be the starting quarterback of the future for the Jets.

This is my wish list. I know that some parts of it will induce anger and disagreement, so leave a comment and let us know what you think the Jets should do this offseason.

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9 Responses to “2013 Jets Offseason Wish List”

  1. Matt says:

    I think this was written by mike tannenbaum.

  2. Eric says:

    The only player I agree with is Reggie Bush, and that depends on how much money he wants.

  3. Eric says:

    The only player I agree with is Reggie Bush, and that depends on how much money he wants.

  4. J. Madden says:

    Some of it was good, the rest was terrible

    Agree with: Trading Tebow for a 7th round pick (id even take a new batch of trainer towels) and get rid of Brat Scott

    #1) Reggie Bush would never sign with the Jets, he believes that they intentionally tried to injure him during their first matting this past season, he hates them and Rex. No shot in hell does he leave the dolphins, let alone sign with the jets

    #2) Peyton Hills was a 1 hit wonder, RB’s with his style of running only last a few years at best. Maybe getting on of the Saint RB’s would be a better and much cheaper option.

    #3) Add those 2 and daft another RB in the 2nd would give us a total of 5 RB’s on the roster… Even with the ground and pound the Jets rarely dress more than 3, so you would have to cut McKnight and Powell as well

    #4) Austin Howard is a liability at RT and one of the reason our run game is not great and why we cant pass block for shit… He did do better than Wayne Hunter ever would have, but he still needs to be replaced

    #5) Who are you going to have play OLB? Brian Thomas is a free agent and is going to be 34 next season… good run stopper but that’s about it. Calvin Pace had an below average year 3 sacks, 53 tackles and he will be 33 next season… we desperately need to get someone younger, preferably someone who can rush the passer

    #6) Who’s playing Safety? Bell and Landry will both be free agents. Landry is going to demand too much for us to re-sign him, so don’t count on him coming back (I wish we could get him back). We could probably get Bell for next season but he will be 35 years old and is not a long term solution. We need a true cover FS not 2 strong safety’s.

    #7) You can’t trade Holmes. Very few teams are going to want to deal with his contract and the problems he is going to bring with him. I would be very difficult for us to try to trade him. The most realistic way for him to not play for the Jets next season is if we out right release him. You should bring Edwards back and re-negotiate Holmes contract to save some money

    #8) You have to make a move to get another QB on the roster. You can’t go into next season with just Sanchez and McElory on the roster. Sanchez has to go via trade and we are just going to have to deal with eating the 8 million in that trade (which is cheap than letting him go, and we don’t have to deal with the fans wanting his head on a stick for each home game). Bring in a free agent QB to compete for the starting job. Ex: send Sanchez to Seattle where he could play back up QB for his former college coach, and get Matt Flynn out of the deal… and if anyone says M.Vick I’m going to hit you. “Let’s get rid of the most prone turnover QB for the 2nd most prone turnover QB “ = dumb move!

  5. Robbo says:

    Dion Jordan
    Offensive Lineman
    Ryan Nassib or Landry Jones
    Kenny Stills
    Jasper Collins

    • Ike says:

      I like your thinking but with that 2nd pick if Lacy from alabama is still there I go with him them the rest of your list, have to start with a LB so we can dumo both bart and pace and thomas THEY ARE ALL TO OLD AND SLOW

  6. Brad Norris says:

    The Jets franchise is ruined they blew all their money on Sanchez who has proven that he is one of the worst QB’s in the NFL. They cannot get rid of him nor will Revis come back 100 %. They will not be able to get top dollar for Revis after a severe torn acl. Bringing Tebow into town was a joke, (Circus stunt), Ryan doesn’t know what he is doing. Holmes is the worst captain a team can ask for and Gang Green is going down the drain. In the near future they will never be able to compete in their division nor keep up with the mediocre teams they play.

  7. Bill says:

    I say the jets should have a package deal to the chiefs for the #1 pick that includes Holmes, revis, cromartie, and a 2nd round pick so we can draft Leon Sandcastle

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